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Egress Window Codes

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

When installing an egress window, its critical to choose a professional installer whose familiar with Spokane City codes and the 2019 IRC code book. The general contractor is responsible for puling permit from the city which will help ensure code compliance and keep record. Below is a detailed overview of codes for window, window wells and ladder system.


  • Net opening of window exceed 5.7 square feet

  • Top of window sill does not exceed 44 inches from ground

  • Window width minimum of 20 inches

  • Window height minimum of 24 inches

Window Well

  • Minimum of 36" by 36"

  • Floor plan must be greater that 9 square feet

  • Ladder system must be installed if top of well to ground exceeds 44 inches

  • Drainage system

Ladder or Step System

  • Ladder must be permanently attached to well

  • Ladder rung must me at least 12 inches wide

  • Minimum of 3 inches between each rung

  • Interpretation of a step system is up to professional and inspection but must: 1. Provide sufficient rise and run to accommodate for emergency escape. 2. Structurally sounds to accommodate for emergency escape.


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