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Reasons to Install Egress Window

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

If you own or recently purchased an older home, chances are you have a basement with or without egress windows. If you don't have egress windows, we highly recommend installing them.

Substantially Increase the Value of Your Home

An egress window converts a basement room into a legal bedroom. This adds additional square footage to your home significantly increasing its price. For Instance, suppose you hire a contractor in Spokane Washington to install an egress window for a 12 by 12 room. The average cost per square foot of living space in Spokane is $127. Multiply the the total square footage of the room by the average list price for square footage and you have the estimated increase of the price of the home. In this example, the total square footage of the room is 144 sq ft which you multiply by the avg. cost per square foot $127. 144 sq times $127 = $18228. By installing an egress window, the homes value rose by over 18000.

Increase the Safety Of Your Home

An Egress window is otherwise known as an exit window. In case of a fire, an egress window makes for a second way of exit or entrance by fire fighters in case of an obstruction. Protect your loved ones by installing an egress window.

Aesthetic Appeal

We have a policy at Greystone, everything is customizable and we ensure its code compliant. From the inside, an egress window allows more natural lighting reducing energy spending and increasing air ventilation in summer. There are multiple options for windows including slider, single hung, double hung and casement. Options for window wells include plain white steel, interior brick design steel, cinder block and precast concrete. It is even possible to create a custom well on site with a permanently affixed ladder system from natural wood to match the aesthetic of a house.

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